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YTS Wellness (M) Sdn Bhd was founded to address the needs for optimal personalized nursing care for patients in Malaysia.

YTS provides in-home nursing services to patients including Assisted Daily Living (ADL) and training for primary caregivers, rental of medical equipment and Health Care Aide Program and Courses.

YTS nurses takes care of patients who are in need of health care in their respective locations with comfort, speedy recovery and minimizing risks of complications as the main objective.

YTS is committed to providing affordable quality nursing care, skill to youngsters and jobs for unemployed registered nurse.

The Story Behind

(By the Daughter of YTS Founder)

My father suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke 2 days after Christmas of 2012. He was 58 at that time. My father was a medical practitioner with his own private practice and had been looking after his own health to the best of his abilities. On Christmas day, he was complaining about numbness at his extremities and slight dizziness which persisted for over 24 hours.

We brought my father over to one of the private hospitals closest to my hometown where his friend, a cardiologist, had him do a MRI in which he had found that my father had suffered from a Micro Cerebral Infarct. He told my father that there was nothing to worry about, and instead of referring him over to a neurologist or letting him stay longer for observation, he had discharged my father full-on with blood thinning medications. My father continued working after he was discharged from the hospital.

On the 27th of December, a few hours after sending my father to work, my mother Maria Kinson, the founder of YTS Nursing Services Sdn Bhd, received a call from his clinic nurse telling her that my father was not doing too well, upon which, she had rushed over to my father’s side. My mother found my father sweating profusely and was slowly losing consciousness. Shifting him over to the examination bed, my mother, being a former staff nurse, did all that she could to ensure that my father would not flat-line while calling for an ambulance.

Upon reaching the hospital, my father was almost immediately pushed into OT where the blood from his brain was drained. His MRI showed that most of his brain cavities were already filled with blood and doctors were telling us to expect the worst, especially since it affected his brain stem. My father went through 3 operations and without reassurance from the doctors that my father would survive, we could do nothing else but wait, drowned in a quagmire of helplessness. However, upon further advice from my father’s medical colleagues, my mother decided to send him to another hospital where the neurologists and neurosurgeons had decided on the best option for him at that point of time. Stem cells. Although stem cell therapy has never been done on a case as bad as my father’s, they called in a stem cell specialist anyhow. And that’s where his road to recovery started.

All this time, my father was in a coma and had needed round the clock and close observation, especially after he was discharged from the hospital. That’s when my mother decided to start her own home nursing company. Her main aim was to give my father and all her future clients the best that nursing care can give, while helping others reduce their burdens.

My father has since vastly improved. With proper nursing care, his tracheostomy tube was finally removed after 8 months, and so was his NG Tube. Although he is still barely able to open his eyes on his own, ever so often, we are able to hear his voice through his grunts and he is able to respond to our voices much more than he could a few months ago. Once in a while, he’d surprise us by his reaction. His muscles are also well-toned and he has a body as healthy as a horse despite his condition, thanks to the physiotherapy done by the nurses three times a day and who have been trained by a qualified physiotherapist and also to well planned nutrition. To this day, although my father still requires 24-hour nursing care, we could not be any happier to see him improve albeit slowly every single day. My mother had since started sending our well trained, professional and compassionate nurses out to assist others who are also in need of nursing care while ensuring that the nurses are kept abreast with times and are constantly updated in terms of knowledge and skills. Being a perfectionist in every way, my mother leaves no room for error, even more so when it comes to dealing with life and death.

Naming the company after my father’s initials and being founded on LOVE, my mother stresses upon the nurses that all patients deserve to be given the same kind of treatment that they have been giving my father and without prejudice because YTS Nursing Services is, “Committed to Care”.

In the media


By Mr. Tan From Subang Jaya

Mrs. Wong / Johor Bahru

I was admitted into the hospital a few months back because I had a fall and had wounded my leg badly. My husband was very worried about me especially when he saw how difficult it was for me to have a nurse attend to me when I needed one. He managed to find YTS Nursing Services and when he explained my situation, they sent 2 nurses to care for me while at the hospital, one in the morning, and one at night. They were very diligent and caring and had ensured that all my needs were taken care of. They even helped me do my dressing and worked hand-in-hand with the hospital nurses for my speedy recovery. I was out of the hospital 2 days later.

Jack Oh / Klang

My 85 year old grandfather was hospitalized for pneumonia. We didn’t know what to do upon his discharge but thank goodness YTS came to our aid. They brought an oxygen concentrator, oximeter and ripple mattress and it’s all inclusive of the nursing care package! Thank you!

Julie / Selayang

Your presence have gained their trust, confidence & acceptance. I’m so glad you have taken your time and effort to pay her a visit and have a heart to know her condition which i think you are so professional. Although I wasn’t there but i truly felt your kindness gesture. Nice Work. Keep it up. **I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR HELP**

En. Talib / Sungai Buloh

My mother had been wheelchair bound for the past 3 years and we had brought her out for physiotherapy once a week. Although according to the physiotherapist she should have no problems walking, she just did not have the will to get up and walk by herself. I was getting desperate as I could see my mother getting more and more depressed and decided to look around for someone who could look after her. When I engaged in YTS nurses, I was surprised to know that they were able to do physiotherapy and because they have such bubbly and positive attitudes, it had rubbed off on my mother and from believing she could never walk again, she is now able to lift herself up and walk a few steps everyday! Although full recovery may take time, she is progressing well nonetheless. YTS nurses are definitely, “Committed to Care”.

By Datin Zaitun From Kajang
By Ms. Agnes From Petaling Jaya

Ron Linden / St. Mary's Residence

– First Week – I would like to convey my gratitude to YTS for the excellent care and service recieved by all during this past week from the time you answered my call until now. To Maria and Shireen, thank you so much for your dedication and help in my post op rehabilitation. Shireen, you have been a tremendous help in difficult times for me, I really appreciate your professionalism and friendly caring attitude this past week. To Maria ,your company is definitely the best in home care nursing, no other company could be better than YTS. Your staff are what really makes YTS stand out from the rest. Thank you so much and I look forward to the coming weeks of my rehabilitation. – Two Weeks Later – Thank you for the past two weeks of care provided by YTS. The quality of care received from Michelline has been first class. I cannnot really put into words how impressed I am with the care received, but from my heart -Thank You So Much!!!!!! According to the doctor my recovery is ahead of expectations but for me another 6 weeks of not being allowed to walk is not what I expected. I know there is always light at the end of a tunnel and hopefully I will soon be able to see the light. Once again thank you, YTS is the best.

Mr Tan / Subang Jaya

I found out about YTS Nursing Services through a friend who had engaged in their nursing services and I had asked them to assist in looking after my 83 year old mother who suffers from heart problems. The nurse who looks after her makes sure that her personal hygiene is well taken care of, and that she is always comfortable and has proper daily nutrition. She is also there to keep my mother company whenever my family and I are not around and monitors her condition while keeping us updated on her progress. I’m very happy with their services and would recommend YTS Nursing to those who need nurses.

Datin Zaitun / Kajang

My husband had suffered from a stroke and requires 12-hourly nursing care everyday. We have a part-time nurse come in to care for my husband everyday, but every now and then, he would not be available to us and sometimes he would give sudden notice. That was when I called YTS Nursing Services. I expressed my concern for a male nurse and my need for him to come over ASAP. Thankfully, their management managed to arrange for one to come to my aid and he did a wonderful job with my husband. I am still engaging in their services to this day.

Ms Agnes / Petaling Jaya

I have been a diabetic for many, many years. Recently, my condition declined and I ended up with diabetic foot ulcer. I had to go in and out of the hospital countless times to do my dressing. More often than not, my only child had to work and it was hard for him to take time off work just to bring me to the hospital and back. That was when someone had told him about YTS Nursing. My son had gotten hold of their number and within 24 hours, I had a nurse by my side. She would change my dressing everyday, keep track of my medication intake and changes, monitor my blood sugar and other vital signs constantly and even do physiotherapy for me. In fact, she keeps me company when my son is out at work and I don’t feel as lonely as I used to anymore. Thank you YTS. I appreciate all that you’re done for me and my son.

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